September 2, 2015

Industrial Hygiene & Productivity

Occupational Illness and deceases have greater impact on the productivity & Workplace Safety. Now the employers have started monitoring the each factor which impeding the productivity. The need to ensure a safe working environment is a prerequisite to providing high quality products and services.
Occupational health & safety is one of the most important factors contributing to productivity increases, which consequently lead to more benefits. Industrial Hygiene practices provide better opportunity for the prevention & control of the occupational illness & disease. Industrial Hygiene is a bridging function between the all three elements of Health Safety & Environment.
Industrial hygiene practices can be used to optimize the EHS Elements thereby making improvement in the productivity. Significant improvement in the can be made in Occupational Health & Safety when apply the IH AERC process.
In the existing workplace the hazards can be well addressed if we can measure the level of offending agent in the working environment. This will helps good utilization of the resources to control or prevent the exposure of the potential workplace exposures.

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